Drill America has been in the cutting tool business since 1927. Drill America specializes in supplying a full line of industrial and contractor cutting tools, such as drill bits, taps, dies, burs, end mills, countersinks, hole cutters and reamers. We provide on-time deliveries and ship FREE two day in the continental US  on all LTL orders over $300.00 USD Net. Drill America also provides the technical expertise to help our customers do their jobs more efficiently and cost effectively. To learn more about our wide range of cutting tools visit our website www.DrillAmerica.net.

Victory Welding Alloys, Inc. is a wholesale supplier of welding consumables, sold through qualified distributors only, into applications such as:                 

Automotive, shipbuilding, earth moving & construction equipment, Aerospace, military & power generation equipment, Oil, gas & petrochemical refinery pipelines, Food and beverage processing equipment, General structural fabrications such as bridges, buildings, and farm equipment.

Our product line includes many types of Consumable Filler Metals for GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, FCAW and OFW processes. MIG and TIG Solid Welding Wires, Oxyacetylene Welding Rods, Flux-Coated Stick Electrodes and Flux-Cored Wires for Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low Alloy – High Strength Steel, Chrome-Moly Steel, Cast Iron, Copper & Bronze, Aluminum, Titanium, Magnesium, Corrosion Resistant Nickel Chromium Alloys, Build-up and Hardfacing applications.

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MK Products Inc. (Cobra Welding Systems) is a leading U.S. welding manufacturer founded in 1966, specializing in Orbital Welding Systems, Push-Pull MIG guns, Wire Feeders, Power Supplies, and Welding Turntables. As the original innovator of Push-Pull wire feed technology, MK Products continues its tradition of providing highest quality systems for smoothly feeding aluminum throughout the welding industry. Our Pro Series Cobramatic Wire Feeder easily adapts to most power supplies with a simple interface cable. We also offer plug and play Push-Pull (GMAW) MIG guns in gooseneck and pistol grip styles, which flawlessly connect to most competitors systems. CobraTurn Turntables set the bar high with innovative features to increase productivity with less downtime. MK Products Orbital Welding Systems offer tube-to-tube fusion welding (GTAW) for sanitary applications. Orbital power supplies are available in 150 and 200 Amp versions, with weld heads capable of welding 1/8” to 6” tube



At Oregon Pneumatic Tool LLC., we understand power tools. We use them, design them, sell them and service them. We offer unique products with cutting edge features designed to make our tools easier to use and safer for the operator. We believe in excellent customer service and stand ready to earn your business! It is one of the many reasons that we at Oregon Pneumatic Tool partnered with Wespro Power Tools out of Canada to become their exclusive importer and stocking warehouse in the USA.  This time choose to “OPT for the best and buy WESPRO".  

The Steelmax™ brand has quickly become known as the “Time Saving Tools for Metal” company. This slogan is reflected in our offerings of the most advanced industrial metalworking tools for cutting and drilling metal. Our expanding product line includes portable metal cutting circular saws, from 7.25” to stationary 14” Non-abrasive cut-off saws, super light portable magnetic drills that eliminate drill induced cutter breakage, and related blades, annular cutters and accessories.​

Precision Abrasives. For over 4 decades, Precision Abrasives has been supplying innovative abrasive products and solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements. Precision Abrasives' professional team works regularly with a variety of industries including metal working, fabrication, automotive, aerospace, construction, marine, woodworking, prosthetics, maintenance and foundries.

Sundström Safety AB develops, manufactures and markets technically superior, user-friendly respiratory protective products.  Sundström Safety offers a complete line of half masks, full face masks and PAPR systems that protect your employees better, more comfortably and for less total annual costs per person. Sundstrom Safety's NEW SR900-WFRK is the most comfortable and easiest to breathe through respirator on the market that has been specifically designed to fit under virtually any welding hood on the market. In addition, Sundstrom Respirators protect the user at a level 10 times greater than our nearest competitor and saves the user 40% on average annually over their previous respiratory costs.

H&M Pipe Beveling  Machine Co.In 1934 we produced the industry’s very first portable pipe cutting and beveling machine. Determined to be the leader we continue to set precision, quality and portability standards for not only saddle-type pipe cutting and beveling machines, but also band-type beveling machines, shape cutting attachments and accessories.

Phone: (909) 910-2355

20691 Como Street Wildomar CA 92595 US

Flame Tech manufactures a complete line of high quality, innovative oxy-fuel gas apparatus products including oxy-fuel cutting/welding tips, heating/brazing equipment, cutting/welding kits, regulators, torch handles, cutting attachments, flow meter regulators, safety products, and carbon-arc gouging rods/torches. Flame Tech manufacturers a proprietary line of heavy duty cutting torches and nozzles for steel mills, foundries, and scrap yards.  Flame Tech’s Integrated Mechanical Solutions (IMS) Division specializes in the design and implementation of custom-engineered, turn-key heat treating and flame hardening systems.

JAZ™ is a leading manufacturer of power, hand, tube and engineered wire brush solutions for the professional.  The JAZ™ range consists of more than 1,200 stocked SKUs of various brush types and wire fills for your application needs that can be shipped same day with no minimum order and a freight prepaid of $250 that is the lowest in the industry.  In additional to wire brushes we now offer a complete range of zirconia and ceramic flap discs for fast stock removal.  Please visit our website www.jazusa.com for our full line product catalog and informative videos.

Superior Products is a U.S. manufacturer of fittings and accessories used in the Compressed Gas Industry.  Product lines include a complete line of CGA fittings, hose fittings, cylinder adaptors, flashback arrestors, quick connects, hose repair kits, high pressure hose assemblies, medical fittings and gas manifold systems.  Superior Products has been manufacturing these lines for well over 75 years and provides defect-free, high quality products along with exceptional customer service.

ICS Industries is a wholesales supplier of Compressed Gas Supplies, Copper Pipes, Fittings and Components for Cylinder Maintenance, Fill Plant Construction and Installation.

Razorweld / JASIC Technologies America Inc. is a high quality welding and cutting equipment manufacturer and is part of the JASIC group of companies. We combine the magnificent state of the art manufacturing resources of JASIC and the design and creative expertise of our Australian and American partners to produce products that are both superbly functional, ergonomic and cost effective.

Our objective is to provide products that are of the highest quality, offer more features, are innovative and offer the customer true value for money. Our commitment to product development, utilizing the latest technology and service means that we can offer the American market a comprehensive range of quality Mig, Tig, Arc and Plasma cutting machines and parts. Our number one priority is to our Distributors.