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"Sundstrom Safety...  improved blood lead Values at Exide Reading Recycling"

21st February 2011

Improved blood lead values at the Exide Reading Recycling

In our efforts to decrease the blood lead values among the workers at the Reading Smelter. We have about 30 to 40 of our 135 employees in the Sundstrom full face respirator. The Sundstrom full face mask is especially suitable for workers in the lead industry for the following reasons:

* The mask is very comfortable and has a lower inhalation and exhalation resistance then other masks making it easier to get the workers to comply with the requirement to use the mask all the time.
* The mask is very durable and easy to maintain in a harsh environment. We have had continued success in lowering are blood leads with this mask. It also has a very comfortable harness.


Ron Schaeffer
Environmental Health & Safety Assistant
Exide Reading Recycling

"Consultation with Rob of R&M Sales and Solutions made all the difference."

19th December,2019

Hi Rob,

Happy holidays to you and the family!

I hope this isn't putting it on too thick, but I wanted to write this letter of appreciation to you for showing us a significant process improvement with the Steelmax welding carriages.

Bay Machine and Fabrication was under a tight deadline to deliver 20 marine fendering units to an important customer in a very short amount of time and a consultation with Rob of R&M Sales and Solutions made all the difference.

The fabrication of the fenders consisted of 3/4" thick steel plates with 3 CJP V groove welds per unit in 14' lengths along with several fillet welds up to 5/8". All of this equated to 180 lbs. of deposited weld metal per unit with a manual welding time of 39hrs.

The projected production schedule from these figures and the other supporting evolutions did not allow us to deliver these units in a timely manner satisfactory to our customers schedule. That was when I contacted Rob at R&M Sales and Solutions who had the solution in the form of Steelmax's "Li’l Runner" welding carriage.

With the new ability to continuously weld the entire length of the unit pass after pass without unnecessary stops and starts, operator fatigue or mistakes the results showed deposition rates jumping up and labor hours dropping. This resulted in an average production increase of 2 to 3-fold over manual weld processes, which greatly reduces our weld costs. In the hands of our more skilled craftsman they reached travel speeds of up to 15-16 inches per minute while still being able to deliver high quality welds that passed ultrasonic testing with a rejection rate of less than that of the manual process. Labor hours to produce one unit drop 8-10 hours on average with one craftsman achieving 16hrs in labor savings by operating two units simultaneously. 

With the help of Rob of R&M Sales and Solutions, these units allowed us to not only meet our deadline and keep our customer happy, but to make more money doing it.

Dan Elliott
Fabrication Shop Supervisor
Bay Machine and Fabrication

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