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Sundström Safety AB develops, manufactures and markets technically superior, user-friendly respiratory protective products.  Sundström Safety offers a complete line of half masks, full face masks and PAPR systems that protect your employees better, more comfortably and for less total annual costs per person. Sundstrom Safety's NEW SR900-WFRK is the most comfortable and easiest to breathe through respirator on the market that has been specifically designed to fit under virtually any welding hood on the market. In addition, Sundstrom Respirators protect the user at a level 10 times greater than our nearest competitor and saves the user 40% on average annually over their previous respiratory costs.

H&M Pipe Beveling  Machine Co.In 1934 we produced the industry’s very first portable pipe cutting and beveling machine. Determined to be the leader we continue to set precision, quality and portability standards for not only saddle-type pipe cutting and beveling machines, but also band-type beveling machines, shape cutting attachments and accessories.

Drill America has been in the cutting tool business since 1927. Drill America specializes in supplying a full line of industrial and contractor cutting tools, such as drill bits, taps, dies, burs, end mills, countersinks, hole cutters and reamers. We provide on-time deliveries and ship FREE two day in the continental US  on all LTL orders over $300.00 USD Net. Drill America also provides the technical expertise to help our customers do their jobs more efficiently and cost effectively. To learn more about our wide range of cutting tools visit our website

Superior Products is a U.S. manufacturer of fittings and accessories used in the Compressed Gas Industry.  Product lines include a complete line of CGA fittings, hose fittings, cylinder adaptors, flashback arrestors, quick connects, hose repair kits, high pressure hose assemblies, medical fittings and gas manifold systems.  Superior Products has been manufacturing these lines for well over 75 years and provides defect-free, high quality products along with exceptional customer service.

Precision Abrasives. For over 4 decades, Precision Abrasives has been supplying innovative abrasive products and solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements. Precision Abrasives' professional team works regularly with a variety of industries including metal working, fabrication, automotive, aerospace, construction, marine, woodworking, prosthetics, maintenance and foundries.

HY-TECH Machine, Inc. brands of ATP, OZAT, Thaxton, Eureka, ATSCO and Quality Gear & Machine are some of the top industrial brands throughout the world. HY-TECH Machine is known for their Air Tool Replacement Parts, Heavy Industrial Tools and Accessories. The ATP division of HY-TECH Machine Inc. has manufactured quality replacement parts for pneumatic tools since 1923. In 1987, ATP partnered with OZAT Tools Ltd. to become the exclusive wholesale distributor of their premium quality impact sockets and accessories for the U.S. market. OZAT’s unique ECM Manufacturing process produces the toughest, most durable sockets available anywhere. ATP’s Ozat Impact Sockets are unique. The Ozat electrochemical machining process makes Ozat’s less-stress™ sockets the most durable products available anywhere in the world. Type your paragraph here.

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Lift Safety Combines both Style and Unsurpassed Protection all in one. Lift Safety is the premier leader of PPE safety products with a full line of Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, Impact Protective Gloves, Knee Pads, Hi-Viz Apparel and Accessories.

EVOLUTION POWER TOOLS, is a manufacturer of high performance metal cutting and drilling tools. Evolution Power Tools makes industrial grade Carbide Metal Cutting Saws and Industrial Saw Blades for cutting a wide variety of materials like, mild steel, mild thin steel, stainless steel, aluminum, wood and masonry. Evolution also makes Magnetic Drills and Annular Cutters in both M2AL HSS and Carbide Tipped for a long service life. Type your paragraph here.​Type your paragraph here.